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Earn Cash Creating Excel Quizzes.

If you enjoy playing Excel spreadsheet quizzes and thought you'd like have a go at doing one yourself then why not make the most of the Spreadsheets Direct affiliate program.

Simply download a template below, create a quiz, sign up to Paypal and sign up to Payloadz. Enter your Payloadz affiliate code on the affiliate sheet then select the files you want to advertise on your quiz by entering a 'Y' next to the item.

The Items you selected will automatically appear on the QUIZ sheet. If someone clicks the link and buys a file you will receive the affiliate fee as shown here. Upto 30 links can be shown on the single answer file and 38 on the double answer file. Send your quizzes round your mates or send to quizzes@spreadsheetsdirect.com for others around the world to download from excelquizzes.blogspot.com. The more quizzes you create the more chance you have of people clicking your links.

1 Answer Template Download

2 Answer Template Download

Send to quizzes@spreadsheetsdirect.com

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