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All files here are free, donations will go towards more files being created.

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Spreadsheets Direct

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Welcome to Spreadsheets Direct!

Spreadsheets Direct

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You may need to install the Analysis Toolpack/VBA, click Tools - Add-ins, tick them and then click OK

The European Championship starts on 7th June in Basel with joint hosts Switzerland taking on the Czech Republic. Keep track of the tournaments scores or have a go at predicting the overall winner with the Spreadsheets Direct Euro 2008 file. Just enter the match results and the league tables will automatically update.

16/05 - I've added a sweepstake sheet for anyone wanting to run one in their office. Like the Grand National one you just need to print the tickets off, get your entrants to pick their teams, enter their name and team number on the SWEEPSTAKE sheet and the rest will sort itself out. The entry cost and percentage split can be changed as desired.

05/06 - Fixed some of the ranges as they weren't giving the right results.

* Files can be personalized from 10 depending on what's required. *


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