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Wimbledon Tracker


Keep Track Of Wimbledon 2015 Results.

You may need to install the Analysis Toolpack/VBA, click Tools - Add-ins, tick them and then click OK

It's Wimbledon fortnight from Monday 29th June to Sunday 12th July so I've added a results tracker to help you keep track of how Federer, Nadal, Murray & the Williams sisters et al are doing. Due to the number of players in both the Gentleman's & Ladies championships I've split them up into two files. The files contain three sheets, the first 3 rounds for the top and bottom half of the draw are split over two sheets with rounds 4 to the final on the third. All you need to do is add the game scores and the rest will work it's self out. If players are replaced before the tournament starts then the names in the first round can be edited.

If you don't want to bother entering all the individual games you can just put 1 in the one of the games for the winner and it should send them through to the next round.

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