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Excel Quizzes.

I've set up excelquizzes.blogspot.com to put all the quizzes together in one handy place. If you're stuck on any just add a question in the comment sections.

There are currently music, movie, tv and some sport ones on there. More will be added when I get chance to do them.

Here are some Excel quizzes that I've created for my other sites www.stickapinin.co.uk, www.culttvnews.blogspot.com. If you want a quiz creating for your site or business just send an email to services@spreadsheetsdirect.com. Prices start from 10.

Have you got a quiz you want to share? Download a template here and earn cash. Click here for more details..

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Send to quizzes@spreadsheetsdirect.com

Here's a selection of the available quizzes, check out excelquizzes.blogspot.com for more.

      Stick A Pin In Quizzes

  • Name The Footballers - Download
    Name the world footballers from years gone by.

  • Name The Race Horse - Download
    Work out some of the world's most famous race horses from history from the cryptic pictures.

    • Cult TV News Quizzes

  • Name The TV Show - Download
    Name the classic tv shows from years gone by.

  • Name The Bad Guy - Download
    Name the bad guys from tv shows from years gone by.

    • Film And Music Quizzes

  • Name The Artist & Album - Download
    Work out the album and artist from the album cover.

  • Name The Movie 1 - Download
    Work out the movie from the cinema posters.

  • Name The Movie 2 - Download
    Work out the movie from the film stills with actors removed.

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