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"Phil at spreadsheetsdirect.com has provided what I didn't think possible. He worked miracles with the demands of this particular customer and never failed to come up with the solution. Literally days of work have been saved through the automation process Phil has introduced to my workload and Excel is now a delight to use rather than the chore it used to be!"
Michael. www.courir.co.uk

"Thanks Phil, the spreadsheet converts the files perfectly. I can't begin to explain how much work this saves me."
Banji. www.1stophair.com


Computer Help For Southport Area

Covering Churchtown, Marshside, Crossens & High Park, my PC Home Aid service is here to help you with your computer needs in your own home. PC Home Aid can help you from the start. Services offered include:

  • Getting you started - advice on choosing the right computer for your needs at the right price
  • Setting up new computers - Unpacking, installing all peripherals and software and run through of what to do.
  • Tuneup - unclog your computer of all the junk files that build up from surfing and downloading.
  • Cleanup - get rid of all the dust that builds up in your desktop.
  • Installing hardware - printers, scanners, digital cameras etc
  • Setting up broadband - wired or wireless
  • Training - how to use your computer, make the most of the Internet, help with Excel, Word, Access etc

For any businesses out there large or small, Spreadsheets Direct offers a data analyst service for short term contracts. Just click the link to view the available services.


Call: 0151 324 1191 Mob: 07795 215 982 or
Email: services@spreadsheetsdirect.com


39 Highfield Road, Southport, PR9 8QL

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