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Win Combination Sheet

uk lotto winning lines

Times Drawn Sheet
uk lotto hot numbers

Multi Line Check Sheet
uk lotto multiple line checker

Lotto Number Picker*
lotto picker

Lotto Analysis*
lotto analysis
* Premium version only

South Africa Lotto Results Checker

Need A Way To Check Your Winning SA Lotto
Numbers Quickly & Easily?
  • SA Lotto Plus Checker £2.50
  •  Add to Cart N/A
  • Premium inc number picker £4.99
  •  Add to Cart N/A
    • Easy to use
    • Quickly check your numbers
    • Check multiple lines in seconds
    • See how many times balls have been drawn
    • Benefit from knowing the Hot & Cold Numbers
    • Check historical draws
    • Lotto Predictor using most drawn numbers * Premium only
    • Lotto Analysis * Premium only

      Can you afford not to have one?
      Buy yours now!
    The Spreadsheets Direct South Africa Lotto Plus Checker file allow you to quickly check multiple lines of lotto numbers against historical results and pick your winning numbers based on past draw data, try number combinations out to see how lucky they have been and find hot and cold numbers.

    Click the button below to download an example file. The example file is limited to draws upto the end of 1997.

    Update results with a click of a button to get the latest data. New results will be automatically added to your file.

    The Line Checker sheet allows you to enter a single set of numbers and will show you all the times that any winning combinations of your numbers came up. Excellent for seeing how lucky your number combinations have been or for trying out new ones.

    The Multiple Line Checker sheet allows you to enter more than one line of numbers and quickly check them against any historical results by simply selecting a date from a dropdown, making it ideal for syndicates to quickly check their tickets.

    The Most Drawn Balls sheet lets you see which are the hot and cold numbers from any given date.

    The following features are available in the Premium version only:
    Lotto Number Predictor The predictor will produce a set of random numbers but will favour those that have come up most since the date you set. It lets you see instantly how many times each ball has been drawn, the date it was last drawn and also how many times that combination has won in the past.

    Lotto Analysis The Analysis sheet shows a variety of data from the past 10 draws.

    • Number of odd/even balls drawn
    • Number of low/high balls drawn
    • Ranges of balls drawn
    • Consecutive numbers drawn
    Files cost from just £2.50 (Paypal will convert to your own currency) and can be re-used over and over again.

  • SA Lotto Plus Checker £2.50
  •  Add to Cart N/A
  • Premium inc number picker £4.99
  •  Add to Cart N/A

    Files are locked and protected so no formulas are visible.

    Buy yours today. Once you've paid the download will only take a few minutes.


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