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Stock Exchange Tracker Spreadsheet

Keep track of your shares and global stock markets.
  • Stock Exchange Tracker - 9.99
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    The Spreadsheets Direct Stock Exchange Tracker lets you keep track of the FTSE100, DAX, BOVESPA, DOW30, NIKKEI, S&P500 and S&P ASX200. Select a timezone to display stock times in using the dropdown above. The spreadsheet can be set to automatically update every x amount of minutes using the spin control above. Press Start to set the update in motion and Stop to cancel it. Alternatively you can use the Refresh button on the individual sheets.

    On the individual exchange sheets the top sections lets you filter out an individual company to track. The right side displays the total number of members, the amount unchanged, number of companies who's stock is up and number of companies who's stock is down.

    The left of the lower section shows data for all exchange members with the right section showing the top 10 risers and fallers.

    The Snapshot sheet gives a summary of the following exchanges:

    • DJIA
    • Nasdaq
    • S&P 500
    • S&P/TSX
    • Bovespa
    • DJ Stoxx 50
    • Bloomberg European 500
    • FTSE 100
    • DAX 30
    • Nikkei 225
    • Hang Seng
    • Singapore Straits Times
    • S&P/ASX 200

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    Buy yours today. Once you've paid the download will only take a few minutes.
  • Stock Market Tracker - 19.99
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