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Staff Attendance Tracker Spreadsheet

Keep Track Of Employee Holidays,
Sickness & Lateness.

The Spreadsheets Direct Attendance Tracker allows you to easily keep track of staff holidays, lateness and sick days. The file can be setup in minutes with minimal input. Track holidays, half days, sick days, late days plus upto 10 custom codes of your choice.

  • Attendance Tracker, 50 People - £14.99
  • All you need to do is enter the names of your employees, select a year and the dates on the monthly sheets will automatically update to with the relevant days. Then on the monthly sheets use the dropdown on the relevant cell to select a code. The file will update to match the year you enter and lets you track the following:

  • Holidays
  • Half Days
  • Late Days
  • Sick Days
  • Also add up to 10
  • custom reasons

    Simple to set up and easy to use. Once the file has been set up just select a code from the dropdown for the relevant day/person and remaining holidays will be automatically calculated.

    Files are locked and protected so no formulas are visible.

    Buy yours today. Once you've paid the download will only take a few minutes.


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