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About Spreadsheets Direct

In The Beginning..

Spreadsheets Direct was set up in July 2007 with the aim of offering a high quality spreadsheets service for companies both large and small. After graduating with a degree in Computer Science & IT with German from University College Chester, I developed my Excel skills working in the logistics departments of Mobil Oil Ltd in Birkenhead, Esso Lubes plants in Purfleet & Dublin and as a Demand Planner for Princes Foods Ltd in Liverpool. I decided to start my own business offering my skills to other companies and to allow me to advance my own knowledge of Excel.


Working at these companies gave me experience of various types of spreadsheet use and required me to improve, simplify and speed up many of the files. I was able to reduce the time taken to produce weekly reports from the SAP systems by automating the formatting of system downloads with macros. This reduced the times taken to create the reports considerably, in one case a report that was taking nearly a day to create was reduced to just a few seconds.

During my time at the above companies, I was also (un)lucky to be involved in three SAP system implementations. These required many data reconiliations to be performed to ensure the data that was loaded into the new systems was correct to give the systems the best start.

Some jobs that have been undertaken by Spreadsheets Direct include:
  • Improved existing accounting report for leisure centre in Turkey
  • Automation of an estimate file, preventing the file from being saved unless all required fields were complete and then saving the file with a unique file name based on data from set fields. The data was also copied into a seperate database file from which reports can be run.
  • A conversion file which imported a download from a business system and converted it into the required format to enable it to be uploaded into a different system, adding new data based certain criteria.
  • A picking list generator which imported a download file with order details on and produced a report of what books were required from what section of the storage area.
  • Formatting of converted pdf files, splitting the data into the corret columns to enable the data to be uploaded into a business system.
  • A loan repayment calculator for a New York business.
  • A work shift scheduler for a hospital in the States which automatically produced daily reports based on codes entered in a monthly table.


Call: 0151 324 1191 Mob: 07795 215 982 or
Email: services@spreadsheetsdirect.com


39 Highfield Road, Southport, PR9 8QL

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