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Customer Comments

Some comments from Spreadsheets Direct's customers...

"Thanks Phil, the spreadsheet converts the files perfectly. I can't begin to explain how much work this saves me."
Banji. www.1stophair.com

"Phil at spreadsheetsdirect.com has provided what I didn't think possible. He worked miracles with the demands of this particular customer and never failed to come up with the solution. Literally days of work have been saved through the automation process Phil has introduced to my workload and Excel is now a delight to use rather than the chore it used to be!"
Michael. www.courir.co.uk

"Spreadsheets Direct provided me the assistance I needed with Visual Basic to create and modify a macro. With their help, I was able to save many hours as the task was now automated rather than having to manually carry out the various actions which could have led to human error!

Thanks Spreadsheets Direct for your help.
Stefan, 1SM www.1smshop.co.uk

"Received the appropriate response for the query within minutes."
Finance Manager, Computrad (Europe) Ltd www.computrad.co.uk

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