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Spending loads on Adwords without much return?

Need to get people to know about your new business?

Want a new way to advertise your business or goods?

Then why not try advertising on
Spreadsheets Direct's Excel quizzes!

How many times have you been sent an Excel quiz by someone you know? If one person in an office downloads a quiz the likelihood is that they will send it on to another 4 or 5 people who in turn will forward it on to their own mates in other offices. A single downloaded quiz could end up on 100 computers in hours and all those people could be looking at your advert!

Spreadsheets Direct's Excel quizzes are currently downloaded around 1000 times a month with new quizzes being added all the time. Current quizzes cover a range of topics including movies, music, television and sport.

Spreadsheets Direct is now offering you the chance to place an image advert or text link on the left hand side of the quizzes starting from just 1.00 a month! Adverts can be linked directly to any page you desire. An added bonus is that, even if you decide not to renew advertising on a quiz, any versions of the quiz that are out there with your advert on will still be showing your advert and could still be being sent round virally giving you click-thrus for a long time to come!

Each file can fit either 2 x 80x400 jpgs, 4 x 80x200 jpgs or 30 x text links.

To advertise select a payment method below and then email quizzes@spreadsheetsdirect.com with your advert details and choice of quiz to advertise on.


Type Price Per MonthBuy 1 MonthSubscribe
Image 80x400 8.00
Image 80x200 5.00
Text Link 1.00

Current Available Quizzes To Advertise On

Name The TV Show
Name The TV Bad Guys
Name The Star Trek Baddies
Name The TV Show
Name The Marvel Superheroes/villians
Name The Star Wars Characters
Name The Movie
Name The Cartoon Characters
Name The Movie
Name The TV Show Quotes
Name The Footballers
Name The Footballers
Name The Jump & Flat Horses
Name The Football Teams
Name The Sporting Venues
Name The 60's Songs
Name The 80's Songs
Name The Toys
Name The Musicians/Bands
Name The Movie
Name The Movie
Name The Spectrum Games
Name The 60's Songs

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