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Betting Odds Compiler Spreadsheet.

Run your own betting book with ease
  • Betting Odds Compiler - £9.99
  • The Spreadsheets Direct Betting Odds Compiler will allow you to quickly create a book for any betting event for upto 300 lines. Compile your book in either fractions, decimals, American, Hong Kong, Indonesian or Malaysian odds format. The book will be automatically be converted into all the other formats.

    On the Compiler sheet enter the Number of Lines that will be in your book. Enter the Max Book Overround % and choose the Compiling Odds to compile your book in. The Event name will appear as the heading on your print off.

    The Actual Overround % shows the value of the odds you have entered. Remaining Overround % shows the amount remaining until you reach your maximum. The Compiling Odds dropdowns will only show odds from the Remaining Overround % down. To change a completed book, delete the Compiling Odds cell and choose a new odd from the available ones or increase the Max Book Overround %. If the Remaining Overround % gets to 0 or less then the dropdowns will show all odds to allow you to make changes.

    Enter the Amount Bet for each line and the Payout column will show you how much you will lose if that line wins and the Takings column will show how much you will make from bets placed on the other lines. Bet % shows the percentage of Amount Bet for each line against Total Amount Bet.

    The Lay Odds, Lay Amount & Lay Return columns allow you to quickly calculate any possible returns from lay bets.

    The Store Odds button allows you to store upto 10 different versions of the same book. Stored odds will appear in the Past Odds sheets with the date and time the odds were stored allowing you to keep track of any changes to your book. Use the Clear Stored Odds button to delete all stored odds.

    The Print buttons on the Compiler and Past Odds sheets will print the data in A4 format with the Event Name as header and page number as footer.

    • Betting Odds Compiler - £9.99

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