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Odds Converter


Odds Converter Spreadsheet.

  • Odds Converter - £1.50
  • The Spreadsheets Direct Odds Converter will allow you to easily convert odds between fractions, decimals, American, Hong Kong, Indonesian or Malaysian. Simply choose the odds format to convert from, pick the odds to convert from the dropdown and the odds columns for the other formats with automatically change to match.

    The file costs just £1.50 (approx €1.61, $2.15 Paypal will convert to your own currency)

    Compatible with Excel 2000 onwards. You may need to install the Analysis Toolpack/VBA, click Tools - Add-ins, tick them and then click OK.
    • Odds Converter - £1.50, Approx €1.61, $2.15

    Buy yours today. Once you've paid the download will only take a few minutes.


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